Suzanne’s experience

Suzanne’s experience

“We launched GAMES at the beginning of April 2017 and, despite a period of rigorous testing, the transition to a live environment was challenging.

This would be the first time that multiple users were logging in and using the system at the same time. As well as testing the capabilities of the system, we also needed to set up a wide range of users – including grants officers, Advice & Support Team members, provincial grand almoners and Visiting Volunteers – all of whom required training tailored to their specific role.

Over the next 12 months, we refined the system further, carefully monitoring how people were using the system and liaising closely with our developers to ensure that problems were resolved quickly. This created a good working environment for all users, both internal and external, and allowed us to speed up our processing time so that our beneficiaries received support more quickly.

By April 2018, GAMES was significantly more robust, with users becoming more comfortable and efficient. At this point we were looking to the future and had already begun to design the second round of development to streamline the system even further.”

Suzanne Vost,

Grants Officer and Systems Process Lead

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