Another year of working together

Our first year of operation was dedicated to laying the foundations of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), the central charity for freemasonry in England and Wales. The second year has been about building on those foundations to create a charity that freemasons can rely on and proudly call their own.

Together, we have achieved a great deal over the course of this year. As a community, we celebrated the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England with a summer to remember; almost 178,000 votes were cast in our Community Awards through which 300 local charities received a total of £3 million. This was the first time that members of the public were asked to help decide how freemasonry supports their communities.


Across the year, we’ve answered more calls, given more support and funded more charities than ever before. With an eye on quality as well as quantity, we’ve focused on improving what we do and the way we do it to provide a better service for our donors, volunteers and beneficiaries. We have also created a five-year strategy that provides a clear vision for the future which will see us enhance our support and services, improve our ways of working and raise our profile.

Just as important as our plans is the manner in which we hope to deliver them, and we have developed three core values to guide us. First, being responsive to need; to listen and identify need, and provide appropriate support to the communities with which we work. Secondly, making a difference; to be compassionate and dedicated to changing people’s lives in ways that have a positive impact. Thirdly, striving for excellence; to work in a professional and innovative way to provide the best possible support to our beneficiaries and donors. We will be applying these values to our everyday activities and in our interactions with all the people with whom we work, whether they are from the masonic community or wider society.

It has been an incredibly busy year, throughout which freemasons have continued to support each other and members of their local communities through charitable work at both lodge and provincial level, as well as through the MCF.

Our mission statement

To be a force for good by providing support, care and services to freemasons and their families in need, and supporting other charities to help the most disadvantaged in society.

Our vision for society

Everyone has the opportunity to lead positive, active and fulfilling lives, especially those that are in need, disadvantaged or marginalised.

Our vision for the masonic community

Masonic families are healthy, stable and secure thereby providing them with the opportunities to participate actively in their community and succeed in life.


Our Values

Responsive to need

Making a difference

Striving for excellence


Our year in numbers

The facts and figures from 2017/18.


Another year of working together

Our second year has been about building on our foundations to create a charity that freemasons can rely on and proudly call their own.


Together we've... reached more people

As a new charity that launched in 2016, one of our aims for the first few years is to make sure that people know who we are and how to contact us for support, services and grants.


Together we've... improved the way we work

We've been working hard to improve the way we work for the benefit of the people and charities we support.


Together we've... Given more

This year, we gave more than ever to local and national charities, and also helped an increasing number of freemasons and their families.


How have we helped your local community?

Find out how we have helped your local community.


Our income and expenditure

All of our income comes from the generosity and efforts of the masonic community.


Our campaign #wearethemcf

Our Christmas campaign is a celebration of the network of hardworking, caring and inspirational people that makes our work possible.


Our plans for the future

Since our creation in April 2016, we have become the largest independent Masonic charity for both our community and the wider population and have also become one of the largest grant-making foundations in the UK.

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