Reginald’s story

Image of Reginald and his Daughter

Reginald’s story

As told by his daughter, Jeanette

“Dad’s health started to deteriorate as he got older so I found myself in the position of caring for him full time. To give me some time to myself he was paying for a carer for a few hours a week out of his own pocket, but money was so tight it got to the point where he wouldn’t put the heating or lights on and would buy out of date food.

A friend of dad’s heard that he was struggling and told us about the MCF. A member of the Advice & Support Team visited us at home and helped us with the application form for respite care, which was helpful. Soon after, we received grants to pay for dad’s care, which was vital as we eventually had to increase the number of visits to four per day.

Having the funding took the pressure off both of us – dad stopped worrying about being able to afford help, and I knew he was getting the level of support he needed.”

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