#wearetheMCF – Jodie

#wearetheMCF – Jodie

“I grew up in York and it’s a lovely area to live. I went straight to college after school and did a qualification in hairdressing, which is very different from what I’m doing now!

I went into caring because hairdressing wasn’t very stable but I wanted to continue working with people. My cousin works here as a carer and she knew that a lot of my clients were elderly, so suggested I tried to get a job at the RMBI home. I love helping people so it was a perfect fit for me! I’ve been here since March, and I’ve already been given more responsibility as an Admin Assistant, which is great. I get to build strong relationships with residents and their families – there are people who ring quite a lot, so you get to know each other and I’m on first name terms with most of them.

It’s a lot more personable than other admin roles which mean that I can get very attached to residents, so when someone who you’re fond of passes away it can be quite hard. The home is such a lovely place, it’s like a family and everyone is really warm and kind. We work together as a team to make sure the residents have a good day, every day. Recently, we had lots of different animals come in, and they loved it. There were ladies who are 99 years old, holding tarantulas and all sorts!”


Administrative Assistant at Connaught Court

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