#wearetheMCF – Karl

#wearetheMCF – Karl

“I’ve been at Hospice UK for the past 17 years. It sounds cliché I know, but I’ve been doing this job for so long because I’m motivated to know that what I’m doing makes a difference to people’s lives.

At Hospice UK, we believe that whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your condition, you deserve the best possible care at the end of life. Hospice care isn’t just about supporting someone at the end of their life, it’s also about supporting their friends and families, so it makes sense that hospices would play a role in offering support after their loved one has died. Grief and loss are a fact of life, and we can’t get away from that.

Whilst some people are able to get the support they need through their own social network, other people do need additional help, and that’s where hospices can step in. With the number of expected deaths set to increase in coming years, it is vital that hospices are prepared to meet the needs of bereaved people. Our partnership with the MCF is a significant development in the improvement of hospice care throughout England and Wales.”


Head of Grants at Hospice UK

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