#wearetheMCF – Les

#wearetheMCF – Les

“Well, I’ve been with the masonic charities for over thirty years, having joined the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB) back in 1988!

I come from a strong masonic family – my father and uncles were all keen freemasons. When the job came up it was advertised throughout the provinces, including my dad’s, which was North Wales. So I travelled down to the bright lights of London and was taken under the wing of the RMTGB! It was my first full-time job and I was at university when I started. My first role was as a management trainee and I gradually worked my way up the ladder to become Chief Executive of the RMTGB in 2008, and then Chief Operating Officer of the MCF in April 2016.

Part of my training was to work with each of the different functions of the charity, and I think my heart was in the grant-making department; I found that area of work the most rewarding by far. Having day-to-day contact with the families we help is great because you can actually see the difference we’re making. We also get to see firsthand the benefit that our grants have for charities and local communities, and the impact that freemasonry can have on a bigger scale. I think what I like most is that every day is different; there’s always some new challenge and it’s never dull!“


Chief Operating Officer

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