#wearetheMCF – Terry

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#wearetheMCF – Terry

“I’ve been a freemason for many years but had to retire some years ago because of my mobility.

Following an operation to replace my knees, I contracted sepsis and I ended up having four emergency operations. The sepsis damaged my heart and I nearly died twice. I’ve been left with only 15 degrees of movement in my right knee and I’m in a lot of pain. I can’t walk anywhere without two sticks and I can’t use a self-wheel wheelchair as my heart can’t take the strain.

I’m missing out on things like taking my dog for a walk, seeing friends or getting a paper from the shop. You really take these things for granted, but now I can’t do them, I miss it so much. It is little things like being able to sit down and stand back up again – getting up and out a chair becomes a scary thing when I’m worried I’ll fall and not be able to get up. The MCF provided me with a rise and recline chair, and I’ve been assessed for a motorised wheelchair – two things I wouldn’t have been able to afford myself.

Having these mobility aids is going to take a lot of fear away and being able to get out and about will be brilliant. I don’t have much quality of life but the chair and wheelchair will help, and I’ll be able to do things in comfort instead of fear.”



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