Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK

How are you working with the MCF?
The MCF has provided £255,000 to Kidney Research UK to fund three PhD studentships, including mine.

What’s the basis of your research?
In simple terms, I will be looking at kidney transplant rejection treatment through virus blocking. The BK virus harmlessly exists in a healthy person, but causes problems in some kidney transplant patients as the medicines taken to prevent transplant rejection allow the virus to grow uncontrollably. There are no effective treatments for BK infection, other than reducing the anti-rejection medications, which then means rejection is more likely. Drug-like compounds have been developed that prevent the BK virus from getting into cells.

What difference will your research make?
Having to have a kidney transplant carries many worries and uncertainties. Hopefully my research into new therapeutics against the BK virus will lead to future treatments. I hope this will mean patients and their relatives have one less worry to deal with.

Why is the MCF’s funding important?
The MCF’s strategy of funding PhD studentships will help to advance the medical community’s knowledge and understanding of complex diseases, and demonstrates the charity’s commitment to investing in the next generation of research experts.

By nurturing the talent of young scientists like me and providing the funding necessary for them to become experts in our fields, freemasonry is enabling the research breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Kidney Research UK
Corinna Brockhaus, Research Postgraduate

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