Visiting Volunteers

Visiting Volunteers

What is a Visiting Volunteer?
Visiting Volunteers help Freemasons and their families seeking support to complete an application to the MCF. We arrange a visit and make sure the application includes all the information and paperwork needed to consider the request.

If the applicant agrees, we also involve the Lodge Almoner – an officer responsible for welfare – to make sure the applicant and their family get the emotional support they need.

What support does the MCF provide for you in your role?
After I’d been through the MCF’s vetting process, I attended an induction course which covered the skills and information I need to do the role. The support is ongoing; I get refresher training, regular updates and support from the staff in the office in London. 

How many Visiting Volunteers are there?
I’m one of around 450 Visiting Volunteers working across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. We are men and women from a variety of backgrounds chosen for our skills and experience. We all share a strong link to the Freemason ‘family’ and a desire to help people get the support they need from the MCF.

What difference does the Visiting Volunteer programme make?
It’s hard to measure the value of a smile or some reassurance during a difficult time, so it’s great to hear that 95 per cent of first-time beneficiaries reported that having a Visiting Volunteer come to their home to help make an application was a positive experience. We aim to make the process of applying for support as easy and smooth as possible.

Visiting Volunteers
Jeff Gibbs, Visiting Volunteer in Northumberland

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