Summer and Paige

Summer and Paige

Like millions of children, Summer and Paige spent much of the last 12 months learning at home as schools across the country closed their doors in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

And, like many other parents and carers, grandparents Terry and Elaine struggled to afford the unforeseen costs of home learning, so got in touch with us to see if we could help. As well as contributing towards the girls’ day-to-day cost of living, we were able to provide the pair with a digital tablet, meaning they could access online resources, attend virtual lessons, and even continue their dance classes remotely.

“Having a tablet has really helped us to keep on top of communications from the school – from emails to video calls, we’ve been relying a lot on access to the Internet, so it’s been really useful”, says Grandad Terry. “It’s meant they can get work and feedback from their teachers and that’s helped them to keep up with their education.”

It’s not just school work the girls use their tablet for; Paige and Summer are both keen dancers and have competed at a national level.

“We sometimes use it to do our dance classes on video calls,” explains Paige. “It’s helped us to keep dancing and training, and we like doing that in the evenings. We can’t wait to go back to the studio for face-to-face lessons, though!”


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