A spectrum of support

We continued to respond and adapt to the needs of society

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our support and services to help the most vulnerable members of local and masonic communities across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and overseas Districts. Alongside our COVID-19 response, we continued to support individuals and charities in need irrespective of the global climate.

All our work is fully-funded and carried out on behalf of Freemasonry. Without the increased generosity of Freemasons, their families and friends over the last year, we would not have been able to respond to the needs of our communities as quickly, efficiently or as impactful as we did.

Our support for…daily living

We provided

grants to

families or individuals struggling with the cost of everyday living, at a total cost of



of these grants to

families or individuals directly reflected the struggles of furlough, lack of work or sick leave as a result of
COVID-19, and totalled


On behalf of Freemasonry, we responded to the needs of older, isolated members of society and provided a

grant to

Age UK’s

Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. In addition to our partnership funding, this grant will help them to tackle the rise of social isolation and loneliness that stemmed from the pandemic.

Our support for…children,
young people and education

We provided

grants to

children and young people to ensure they had access to the same educational opportunities as their peers, which amounted to



children and young people – almost half of those supported – were provided laptops and other IT equipment specifically to help continue their learning from home whilst lockdown measures were in place, at a cost of

Freemasons continued to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children through lockdown through our

emergency grant to


Chances for Children campaign which, as well as providing IT equipment, helped the charity cover the cost of other items such as books and toys to keep children engaged.

Our support for…health,
care and wellbeing

We provided

grants to

people at a cost of

to help them live healthier and more independent lives.

Although we were able to support over one thousand people, this area of our work saw a 37 per cent decrease in value from the year prior, as the NHS and private health providers refocused their efforts on protecting society from the devastating effects of COVID-19. We therefore made a conscious decision to pause most of our grants for hospital referrals and operations to support the health sector through this difficult phase.

In contrast, our


support rose by 29 per cent from the year prior, with

people accessing the free and confidential service to support them through life’s challenges, a service which cost



Freemasons further supported people’s mental health across England and Wales, through our

grant to Mind’s emergency appeal, which will help fund their services that were otherwise affected by lack of funding through the pandemic.

A deep dive into
our grants to charities

Over the past year, Freemasonry and the MCF has worked together to increase and enhance our support for local and national charities in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, to help tackle some of society’s most pressing issues, including the coronavirus pandemic.

We are proud that Freemasons, through our work, awarded

grants to over

charities totaling

an increase of

in the value of grants and a significant

increase of the number of grants in comparison to 2019/20.

Head above water

Our funding increased dramatically to meet the rapidly-growing calls for help from small grassroot community groups as they endeavored to stay afloat and support their beneficiaries through the pandemic.

Hypo Hounds trains dogs to save the lives of Type 1 Diabetic children and support their families. Thomas was matched with Poppy during the pandemic, thanks to Freemasonry’s funding.



The Freemasons’ COVID-19 Community Fund

In just 16 weeks, Freemasons met the challenge of raising £1 million for The Freemasons’ COVID-19 Community Fund, an amount matched-funded by the MCF taking the total fund to over £2 million.

This additional funding was focused on three areas identified as underfunded and in need of increased support throughout the pandemic:

Homeless and vulnerably-housed

charities awarded grants totalling



Unpaid carers

charities awarded grants totalling

Children’s mental health

This funding theme was launched at the end of the financial year with many charities applying for support. Grants will be awarded and reported in the next financial year.

Message from the Chairman and the Chief Executive

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