Last year we received 15,416 calls and emails from Freemasons or their families seeking support – more than we have ever received before.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have never had to turn down an application due to a lack of funds. Thankfully, we responded to the rise in enquiries by awarding more grants to more people in need. The average value of these grants also increased.

As households continued to struggle with the rising costs of everyday life, the majority of these grants helped people to cover the cost of living. Half of the total value of support we provided to Freemasons or their families was for daily living costs.


Daily Living Costs

Our grants for Daily Living Costs helped people to cover the everyday costs of running
a home or respond to an emergency.

Freemasons or their family members received

grants totalling


Health, care and wellbeing

These grants helped people to live healthier and more independent lives.

Freemasons or their family members received grants totalling

This included the following:


who were facing a long NHS wait received life-saving or life-changing medical treatment.


from 439 families accessed our counselling service to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.


received mobility equipment to help them live more safely and independently.


were able to take short breaks from their caring responsibilities.

home visits

were carried out by our Advice & Support Team to provide expert guidance and practical assistance.


commissioned to Visiting Volunteers, most of them Freemasons, to guide people seeking support to complete their grant application.


Children, young people and education

These grants helped children and young people to access the educational
opportunities they needed to reach their potential.

children and young people from

families received

grants totalling

Message from the Chairman and Chief Executive

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