Chapter 10

and charity

They actively support their local communities and provide aid to the most vulnerable in times of need.

To help quantify this generosity the MCF undertakes an annual exercise to estimate the totality of Freemasons’ support for charitable causes across England and Wales. 

In 2022/23, we estimate that Freemasons generously donated 

to charitable causes, highlighting the remarkable extent of their support.

*This total includes the support provided by the MCF.

The Relief Chest Scheme

The MCF is committed to helping Freemasons to make a difference to the world in which they live and to inspire greater generosity from this community, by offering practical tailored support through a wealth of resources and tools.

The MCF’s Relief Chest Scheme offers donor advised funds for individuals, Lodges, Provinces and other recognised masonic organisations, which are used to generate funds for all types of charitable purposes. 

These donations are held by the MCF in a restricted fund until the relief chest holder requests that a donation is made to a charity of their choice.

The Relief Chest Scheme enables Freemasons to reach their fundraising targets efficiently. It also ensures that all statutory compliance and administrative requirements of the Charity Commission, Information Commissioner’s Office and HMRC have been met. 

All Relief Chest Scheme services are provided with no administration fee charged to the chest holder or donors.

In 2022/23, Freemasons used the MCF’s Relief Chest Scheme to make donations of 

to charities of their choice.

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About Freemasonry

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