Chapter 3

Supporting individuals and their families

From 708 responses:

58 per cent

told us that our support had helped with their Wellbeing

24 per cent

told us that our support had improved their Independence

5 per cent

told us that they were now able to access an Opportunity

13 per cent

told us that our support has helped them in other ways

Across all age groups, the predominant impact reported was an enhanced sense of wellbeing. This sentiment was frequently linked to achieving a sense of financial control; establishing stronger connections with friends and family; and being more resilient when dealing with personal challenges. 

Providing people with access to new opportunities is linked to helping them gaining control over their finances, being able to cope with more difficult situations, and recovering from a change in their circumstances.

Our beneficiaries told us that our grants have given them greater independence and helped people to spend more time doing activities they enjoy. Providing greater independence for someone living with a disability was shown as particularly valuable. The survey also shows that our support helped people become more independent as they got older. 

Support for children and young people

Mental health support for adults has been a core element of our support since the MCF was formed. However, according to the NHS, one in six children and young people in the UK have a mental health concern. The need for early intervention is crucial, and counselling can help children and young people to address their problems early on, before they become more serious. 

In 2022/23, the MCF launched a mental health service to support children aged five to 15. We are already beginning to see a positive impact on those who have received support.

The MCF awarded 

in mental health support grants, of which £21,068 was spent supporting 28 children and young people.

The impact of our mental health support

We assess the beneficiary’s mental health before and after accessing the service by asking them to score areas such as ‘feeling bad about self’ or ‘feeling down, depressed, or hopeless’.

We were pleased to see that the quality of the service provided by our delivery partners, coupled with the feedback from service users, shows a high level of customer satisfaction.

Satisfaction with mental health support.

Case Study: Wilf

Wilf is retired and sought support through the MCF mental health service. Wilf’s wife had recently passed away and he contacted the MCF for support. His loss had impacted his sleep and social life and he reported he had been avoiding social encounters.

After completing his course of therapy, Wilf told us that the counselling has reassured him that it is perfectly normal to still be grieving and that he can move forward with his grief at his own pace.

The RMBI Care Company

One of the MCF’s priorities is the care of older people, primarily through a network of 17 care homes operated by the RMBI Care Co. across England and Wales.

The homes provide a safe and welcoming environment for over 1,000 older people, and offer residential care, nursing care and dementia support. All homes are rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC in England or ‘Compliant’ by the CIW in Wales.

Each year the RMBI Care Co. produces its own Impact Report which can be found at 

In 2022/23, the MCF contributed 

towards the cost of care for eligible residents requiring support for their care costs. 

Every year, we ask the people we support to complete a survey about the process for applying and receiving charitable support. This year, over 700 people completed our survey to help us understand what our beneficiaries think of the processes we follow to support them.

of beneficiaries said that our enquiries team’s knowledge and professionalism when responding to their enquiry either met or exceeded their expectations.

told us that they were kept informed regarding how long they would wait to find out if their application was successful.

said that, in addition to the support they have received, they feel a connection to the MCF and understand the wider work that the charity does. 

told us that our grants team’s knowledge and professionalism either met or exceeded
their expectations.

felt that their experience of engaging with a Visiting Volunteer or Advice and Support Team member was a positive one. 

told us that the MCF was demonstrating all of our organisational values of Striving for Excellence, Responding to Need and Making a Difference.

Supporting charities and communities

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Supporting charities and communities

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