Chapter 8

income and expenditure

2022/23 Income

  • 46% of our income came from voluntary donations, including through Festival appeals where Freemasons in selected Provinces donate to the MCF for up to five years.
  • Income from legacies contributed 17% of the overall income. 

Donations – Festivals £11.26M

Donations – Other £3.60M

Legacies £5.57M

Annual contributions £3.23M

Rental income £1.81M

Investment income £6.66M

Total £32.13M

2022/23 Expenditure

For every £1 spent, 85 pence was paid out in grants and support for individuals, their families and charities. Only seven pence of every pound represent the costs of generating income, which includes investment management fees, property costs and fundraising. The remaining eight pence is spent on the administration required to deliver our life-changing work. 

Generating Funds £2.90M

Masonic Grants £11.15M

Charitable Grants* £13.06M

RMBI Care Co. Residents Grant £6.67M

Masonic Support £2.48M

Charitable Overhead £3.10M

* This figure includes grants given to charities by MCF through our Relief Chest Scheme on behalf of Provinces, Lodges and individuals.

Total £39.36M

Freemasonry and charity

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Freemasonry and charity

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