Our plans Our plans for 2022/23

Supporting those in need

We will work with our colleagues at the RMBI Care Co. to pilot new grants for residential care in the North West of England.

We will work with our partners at Hospice UK to implement a bursary grant programme to hospice staff, providing funding towards the costs of accredited courses that improve patient outcomes.


We will launch a new community fundraising platform that will enhance and improve the user experience and maximise income from online fundraising.

We will establish new donor engagement initiatives that will enhance the donor experience, improve our engagement with donors and encourage ongoing donations.

People and volunteers

We will deliver two induction days for new and recently appointed Provincial Grand Almoners and Grand Charity Steward in partnership with United Grant Lodge of England to help ensure these essential volunteer are equipped with the skills and support they need to carry out their respective pastoral and fundraising roles.

We will deliver a programme of staff-focused wellbeing activities and support throughout the year, including the promotion of awareness days and highlighting the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion through themed events.

Reaching out

We will undertake a stakeholder engagement exercise with our supporters and beneficiaries to learn how effective our current strategy has been and to review the key themes from our new strategy as it emerges.

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