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Making the greatest impact at a local and national level, and overseas

We continue to help support disadvantaged communities and individuals in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, as well as overseas Districts — through our emergency grants.

All our work is fully-funded by Freemasons, their families and friends. Without their generosity, we would not be able to respond to need and tackle some of the most important issues by offering daily living, educational, health, care and wellbeing support for the most vulnerable members of society.

Support for daily living

We provided 2,485 grants at a total cost of £7,607,612, to 1,741 families and individuals struggling with the cost of everyday living.

It got to a point where I didn’t know what to do, so I rang up the MCF in a state after reading about the help that was available in their Better Lives magazine. They were brilliant. The lady on the phone really calmed me down and the area representative, Denise was extremely helpful. They returned my call in two days as promised, and put me in touch with my local Provincial Grand Almoner who came over and offered me support. This made the process so much smoother as he went through the form with me, and we kept in touch after this. I cannot thank the MCF enough for what they did for my wife and I – we quickly received a grant to help us financially and the support has continued ever since. Each year we are assessed to see how we’re doing and how the MCF can support us. They also helped me to apply for an enhanced mobility benefit from the government, which I have been receiving ever since and it has been crucial. ”


Support for children, young people and education

We provided 837 grants, amounting to £1,695,800, to 505 children and young people to ensure they had access to the same educational opportunities as their peers.

After my daughter, Amie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), I reached out to my Provincial Grand Almoner for financial support as she had no income and we needed to help provide for her and her children who had moved in with us. The grant we were given helped us cover the cost of a laptop and printer for our grandson Giorgio who had to learn from home during the pandemic. The MCF also offered us support for covering the costs for transport which increased massively once the kids went back to their school and had to travel from our home. Amie is now in full remission from AML and has recently moved out with her two sons. Whilst life isn’t easy, the ongoing support from the MCF has helped her financially.”

Paul and Amie

Support for health, care and wellbeing

We provided 1,580 grants to 1,035 people at a cost of £4,255,238 to help them live healthier and more independent lives.

Of these, 308 were people struggling with life’s challenges have accessed our free and confidential counselling service at a cost of £310,476.

A dive into our grants to charities

Over the past year, Freemasonry and the MCF have worked together to increase and enhance support for local and national charities in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to help tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.

We are proud that Freemasons, through our work, awarded 798 grants to over 726 charities totalling £5,866,981.

The year’s highlights

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