What our What our beneficiaries think

We surveyed 745 individuals to help us understand what our beneficiaries think of our work


of first-time beneficiaries said that the MCF’s staff knowledge and professionalism when responding to their enquiry either met or exceeded their expectations – 3% per cent increase from the prior year.


felt they were kept informed about progress of their application and how long the process would take.


of first-time beneficiaries were happy with the length of time it took for their application to be processed – a 6% per cent increase from the prior year.


of beneficiaries felt the overall process of applying for support was a positive experience.


of beneficiaries felt that, aside from the support they have received, they feel connected or very connected to the MCF – connection is defined as the extent to which they understand the aspects of the wider work of the MCF, outside of Masonic Support.


of beneficiaries feel optimistic often or all of the time following support.


of beneficiaries feel they deal with problems well, following our support.

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